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Alonso Estate Picual


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Medium Intensity

Country of Origin: Chile

*Crush Date: May 2021

This Picual has a grassy and sweet fruity nose with notes of savory herb and tomato leaf. It’s well balanced with an herbal center and lingering pepper finish on the back of the throat. Super high oleic acid content!


*Biophenols: 309.6 ppm

*FFA: 0.18

*Oleic Acid: 82.1

*Peroxide: 3.9

*DAGs: 98.3

*PPP: <1.0

*Squalene: 8,902.6 ppm

*A-Tocopherols: 147.2 ppm

*As measured at the time of crush

Organoleptic Taset Panel Assessment:

Fruitiness: 5.3 Bitterness: 3.3 Pungency: 3.3

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Bottle Size

200 ml, 375 ml

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