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About 70% of imported olive oils labeled as extra virgin grade don’t even meet the standards. At So Olive, we have been teaching our customers what high quality olive oil should smell and taste like and how it differs from olive oil sold in grocery stores. Why does our olive oil smell and taste fresher? Read more here.

Yes, extra virgin olive oil is cold pressed olive oil. For it to be considered cold pressed, normal standards require the extra virgin olive oil to be extracted at temperatures below 80.6 °F. Our olive oils are pressed at even lower temperatures, around 70°F. While lower temperatures produces lower yields, it produces higher quality olive oils that are higher in antioxidants and nutritional benefits. In reality, the term cold pressed is an overused term with romantic notions of olives pressed on a traditional stone mill. Most olive oils today are processed in a centrifuge, which actually protects the olive oil from degrading at a faster rate had it been processed on a traditional stone mill.

Our olive oils come from all around the world! We order ultra-premium extra virgin olive oil imported from both hemispheres which produce counter to one another. This enables us to supply the freshest olive oils available within the world not once, but twice yearly. This translates to the freshest extra virgin olive oil from countries including Australia, Chile, Greece, Italy, Peru, Portugal, Spain, South Africa, Tunisia as well as oils produced in California.

We believe there are two factors to finding the best olive oil. These factors are knowing the chemistry analysis of the olive oil and your own personal taste. Find out more over here!

Since olive oil degrades over time, you would like your olive oil to keep it’s shelf life as long as possible! We recommend storing your olive oil in a cool, dark place. We don’t recommend refrigerating your olive oil because it can create condensation inside the bottle and negatively impact the chemistry of the oil.

Actually, extra virgin olive oil is the healthiest olive oil for cooking. Studies have shown that using olives oils with high phenol content and lower Free Fatty Acids or FFA reduces oxidation and inhibits the harmful release of chemicals. In fact, the amount of FFA and smoke point are highly correlated. A high quality olive oil will have a smoke point up to 410°F.

We offer both infused and fused olive oil. Infused olive oil is when the all-natural essential oils are added to the olive oil after it has been crushed. Fused olive oil, also known as Agrumato is when the entire fruit, pepper, or herbs are crushed together with the olives at the same time. It creates a more concentrated flavored olive oil.

Read our guide to discover your favorite olive oil!

Yes. Our olives oils and balsamic vinegars are produced in gluten free facilities.

Yes, your oil or vinegar is still good. Your olive oil or vinegar was bottled by hand and shipped from our shop. During shipping, sometimes a small amount can leak but does not contaminate the bottle. If you have a large leak and major visible loss in the bottle, please call us at 571-398-2377.

Our balsamics come from Modena, Italy and are PGI certified (Protected Geographical Indication). PGI certification ensures that only products genuinely originating within the particular certified region are allowed to be identified intrinsically as such in commerce. What this suggests is that so as for a balsamic to be labeled as balsamic it must originate from Modena, Italy.

Our traditional dark balsamics are aged up to 18 years and our white balsamics are aged up to 12 years.