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Ice Cream Delight


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Make it an ice cream party with this Ice Cream Delight gift set! Serve your ice cream with the stylish Pakka Wood Ice Cream Scooper from Island Bamboo that is both water resistant and extremely durable. For the adventurous ice cream connoisseur, drizzle your ice cream with the Dark Chocolate Balsamic, Strawberry Balsamic or Blood Orange Olive Oil. It’s delish!

Set includes:

1. Dark Chocolate Balsamic 200 ml

2. Strawberry Balsamic 200 ml

3. Blood Orange Olive Oil 200 ml

4. *Pakka Wood Ice Cream Scooper ($24.95 value)

5. Three Tapi Pour Spouts

*Pakka Wood Ice Cream Scooper colors may vary.